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"On July 22, 2011 I finally made my way to a E-cigarette store. After a couple of years of driving by these stores, I decided I was going to try this. I stopped at one in the Valley, I was immediately pointed to a starter pack that was a couple hundred dollars, even though I had told the store clerk I wanted to start up with a basic, since I wasn't sure it would work or if I would really use it.

I drove home, to Airway Heights and stopped at another store. I was determined to try this to get off tobacco. I luckily pulled up in front of Smart Smoke. The lady at this store was extremely nice. She listened to me, educated me, and let me try all of the products I wanted to try to make my decision. I went with the Smart Smoke Alpha. I LOVE IT!

My first weekend. My husband smokes, so I did have a few tobacco cigarettes the first weekend, and he tried my Alpha. Monday - he sent me back to Smart Smoke to buy a second kit. We both are off tobacco!

While visiting familly in Montana, family members tried our e-cigarette. Now my sister is off of tobacco too! My step-mother bought start up kits for her family members! The transistion was very easy for all of us. Just stop buying the paper cigarettes and rely on your Smart Smoke and you can do it!

And I have to tell you. The staff out at the Smart Smoke store I shop at is so incredibly wonderful. Always willing to help out. I stopped by one day, thinking I needed a new battery and the man cleaned my connection for me and saved me money there!

So, we have saved money, got off the nasty tobacco. We don't stink anymore and there is not the mess of the ashtrays or the nasty dirty butts laying around. Our cars don't stink.

Try it, you will like it!"

"Hey, Smart Smoke Folks (and potential customers). I've been a pack to pack and a half a day Newport smoker for a little over 9 years now. Certainly not as long as some of your customers, but long enough to be feeling the negative effects in a bad way--the coughing, wheezing, out-of-breath after walking a little bit...the whole nine yards. I've used the gum and quit for a month two different times, used the patch and quit for a week once and two weeks another time. I've used 5 different brands of E-Cigarettes, and all either produced so little vapor as to defeat the purpose of using one, or were messy/complicated to use. I'd actually given up on ever quitting smoking much to my non-smoker wife's dismay.

My mother is (was!) a smoker, has been for over 30 years. A couple of months back she got the Omega from you guys and kept telling me on the phone how amazing it was. I of course took that with several grains of been-there done-that salt. She came to visit a little over a week ago, and I tried her Omega, and instantly fell in love with it. So much so that she purchased one for me, in the X-High Menthol flavor. As soon as it came in, I had just smoked my last Newport of the pack, and figured I'd give it (the Omega) a good shot before I went and purchased another pack of Newports. I'm happy to say that I haven't purchased another pack of cigarettes (or any other tobacco product!!) in a week now. I don't foresee me ever going back to the nasty cigarettes I smoked for years as their "flavor/aroma" is just horrid to me now. The Smart Smoke Menthol tastes sort of like I'm "smoking" an Altoid, or some other awesome minty-ness. And with the X-high, I'm still getting my nicotine all without the smelly clothes, fingers, and face that I used to have.

I'm going to be putting in another order for another Omega kit and several more refills in a couple of weeks so I always have some 'vape handy and not be tempted to smoke another cigarette. And the thing is, this is even CHEAPER for me to use than those cigs that cost me a little over 5 bucks a pack. Way to go, Smart Smoke!! I'm a customer for life, please don't go anywhere ;).

Ronnie N. -- Kennett, MO USA"

"Just want you to know, the young lady that helped me and my friend was amazing, if I could I would love to thank her again, this will and has Changed my life! We were there on the 30th of April, around 1:30. Tess and Suzanne. Can't wait to make a change to all the smokers I know! Thanks again!"

"Hi my name is Amanda K. and I have been vaping on a SAVVY for over a year now. I recently moved to Olympia and I am highly disappointed in the e-cigarette companies on the west side. I have sampled some other brands and I must say, Smart Smoke blows them all out of the water! I have introduced several of my friends to Smart Smoke and they all tell me how much they wish the company would make its way over to the west side of the state. I just wanted to write this email to tell you how thoroughly pleased I have been with my experience and I hope you will consider expanding! Keep up the good work!"

"Your company never ceases to amaze me with the excellent customer service I continually receive. Providing suggestions like you did in your email is more than most companies would do, not to mention the speedy response time. It is for these reasons that I will remain a loyal Smart Smoke customer and encourage others to try your products. Thank you again for your very informative email."

"My husband and I have been on the Smart Smoke system for three months, and we love it! We were both smokers for nearly 20 years, and now neither of us can stand the smell of cigarette smoke. We are both extremely grateful to Smart Smoke for giving us our lives (and our health!) back. We would both highly recommend Smart Smoke to anyone who is trying to quit smoking. There are lots of great flavors, and after the initial start-up cost, it's much cheaper than cigarettes. And it ships very quickly! Thank you, Smart Smoke, for being so awesome!"

"I have been a 2+ pack a day smoker for 35 yrs and no one I know including myself ever thought I could or would quit smoking. I also have major health issues that should have made it easy (ie asthma, chronic bronchitis) but the longest I ever quit was 18 hrs. I had repeated bouts of pneumonia over the course of 1 1/2 months so I figured what the heck and bought a vision smartsmoke. It took me a week or so to get started but I am now 31 days smoke free and counting. I now call this little contraption god because I figured that was the only thing that could ever make me quit. I now don't even have to take my asthma medication and rarely use my inhaler, so it will pay for itself in my med savings in under 3 months. Me and my family all thank you."

"I had been wanting to quit, and had been trying to cut down for months, when I saw your booth at the Spokane Valley Mall. I purchased a kit that day, and have never smoked another cigarette. The obvious health benefits of breathing better, no smelly clothes, and I no longer even use the nicotine. ( They do offer SmartNic. "NO" nicotine.) But I truly do like to smoke, the hand to mouth thing, and I know I would be back to smoking cigs, if it were not for Smart Smoke. In addition, this company stands behind its products, and have replaced my batteries as needed at no charge. I would encourage anyone who wants to quit to go this route, and really want the FDA to endorse this system for quitting, instead of pushing the mind altering drugs touted by "Big Pharma". What is it going to take to get FDA approval? Count me in as a success story and testimonial for Smart Smoke. This is the best invention since sliced bread!"

"I have been very please with your companies quick and timely service with all of my orders and requests. I would like to take this time to share my appreciation and let you know how much I am impressed with the professionalism shown. Thank you."

"I smoked a pack a day for 40 years. I had no intention of quitting when I tried my first Smart Smoke, but I soon found that I preferred it over tobacco. It's been 4 months now and the best part is I stopped smoking without even realizing I was doing it."

"Greetings, I wanted to write to tell you that your Mission Statement is absolutely correct. You walk your talk. That is very refreshing. I had a wonderful experience at the Valley Mall. Both women were busy and dancing as fast as they could, always smiling, pleasant and professional. The woman that waited on me had only been working for you for two days, and performed wonderfully. She had the guidance, when needed from the other women with praise and patience, as it should be. I have been other business's where the senior employee and or owner will scold or yell at the new employee in front of the customer, which is tacky at best. When that has happened in my presence, I am quick to tell the senior employee how wrong they are. A refreshing experience at your establishment in deed! While waiting, the customers entertained themselves talking with other customers. I received tips and encouragement from other customers. Almost felt like a family affair. "The Smart Smoke Family" Your are really onto something with your business philosophy. So much so that I would even consider working for your company. Leave my high paying job with benefits, that is like a dry desert, no praise, encouraged not to laugh, work, work, work organization. I envy your employees."

"Gave up cigarettes (2 packs a day) accidentally after a few hours of using an electronic cigarette. I tried to go back to my regular cigs and they tasted foul and have ever since. Not a single craving, quite amazing."

"I didn't want to quit smoking, I really liked it actually. But nobody else in my life did. Tried a Smart Smoke and was able to convert within a week. Now I can keep smoking and everyone else is happy! No stink, no smoke, win-win."

"I really enjoy the Smart Smoke and have not had a cigarette since I bought it! My lungs are happy too..."

"My sister noticed your booth at the Spokane Valley Mall and pointed it out to me. I purchased a set of two that day and then some extra SmartNic Juice and batteries the next week. Once I got back to Korea I vaped and my wife thought it would be better for her and started using it. By the way, I used it in the San Francisco Airport and the airline on the way back. Didn't call any attention to myself but no one seemed to notice. Neither one of us has purchased any cigarettes since. My wife introduced this to her friend and her husband and we purchased a set for them via the web-site. We had a 4th of July barbecue and 4 of the 6 adults were using the Smart Smoke. The other two adults do not smoke. With an e-mail address I can send pictures of the 4 of us vaping. I can be reached at xxxxxx@yahoo.com. Since we are all in Korea you now have an international business."

"Within days of using my Smart Smoke I was smelling food again and I didn't stink to others. After a week I noticed a huge difference in my breathing and lung capacity. Life changing!"

"I smoked for 45 years...tried to quit on several occasions...never able to come close by completely stopping. I tried the patch, the gum...nothing seemed to work effectively.

As my wife and I were walking through the Northtown Mall, I spotted your store and immediately got into the conversation of how the system works with one of your professional associates (by the way, you have the most personal and professional people working your booth and I always enjoy watching them work with new customers when I'm in the Mall).

After deciding which Smart Smoke system to get, my wife and I purchased a couple's package and the very next day, 7-months ago, I quit smoking cigarettes...completely quit. The saying, 'if I can do it, anyone can', fits me to a tee. I didn't think I could ever quit."

My Mother passed away from lung cancer and my father had it but beat it 15 year's ago (he's 89 year's old). I knew I had to quit and Smart Smoke was my Doctor....I'm on the medium nicotine in coffee-flavor coupled with tobacco flavor.

I work in the fire industry (this is my 39th year) and when I give presentations to fire departments on products like air packs and thermal imaging cameras, I always notice, that during the breaks, there are a group of people who head outside to light-up....I ALWAYS follow them and I take out my Smart Smoke electronic cigarette and give them the demonstration....I don't even hand cards out anymore,....it's more important to convert anyone and everyone from the worst and most dangerous habit I've ever had, to a safer and smarter smoking alternative.

Since I've started on my Smart Smoke 'program', I stopped coughing, wheezing and my energy and stamina levels are at an all-time high.

Thank You Smart Smoke and keep up the great work. I will continue to send smokers your way."