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SmartNic™ Menthol
Menthol E-Liquid 10mL

Refeshingly tasty and affordable!
Price: $5.99

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Product Description
The cool and refreshing, almost minty taste, of menthol that you've come to know and love, is now more safe, delectable, and affordable than ever before.

For the price of one back of smokes, you'll be able to puff the equivalent of approximately 10 packs of traditional cigarettes with our the harmful carcinogens. This refill method is for use with SmartTank™ atomizers.

Smart Smoke® offers only premium refill liquid; SmartNic™. Our proprietary blend of ingredients to bring you unsurpassed quality and flavor. Available in 3 nicotine strengths; 0mg (0.0%), 18mg (1.8%), and 24mg (2.4%).
Each 10ml childproof bottle of Menthol SmartNic™ e-liquid contains the equivalent of approximately 10 packs of traditional standard size cigarettes in puffs.

Ingredients: Di-Propylene Glycol | Propylene Glycol | Vegetable Glycerin (base ingredients dependent upon flavor), Nicotine, Pure Water, Glycerol, other natural and artificial ingredients.

*Due to a common manufacturing area, 0mg strength may contain trace amounts of nicotine.

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