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SmartCart™ Refill Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Smart Smoke® SmartCart™ Rewards Program!

How do I sign up for the SmartCart™ Rewards Program?

Sign-up is simple. All it takes is your name and email address. You don't even need to make a purchase to enroll. If you already have a customer account with Smart Smoke®, simply verify with an associate that you have provided an email address and let them know you would like to join. If you haven't provided an email, it will be required for an associate to enroll your account. Internet customers will be automatically enrolled into the Refill Rewards Program. No action is required.

No forms to fill out. No waiting period. You are instantly enrolled and can begin earning rewards right away!

How do I earn rewards?

For every $200 dollars spent on refills, you earn a $5 store credit reward that can be redeemed for any Smart Smoke product. That means you are earning valuable rewards with every purchase of SmartCarts ™.

Which purchases qualify for rewards?

Rewards are earned on SmartCarts™ only. Sale SmartCarts™ , Custom Over-Stock SmartCarts , and Custom SmartCarts™ are valid and earn rewards. Sales Tax, Shipping costs, and Gift Cards do not earn rewards, nor can earned rewards be redeemed for these items.

How can I use my rewards?

Once you have earned a reward, you can use it as early as the next day. Your Smart Smoke account keeps track of your rewards for you. That means you don’t have to worry about carrying around a card to swipe, or collecting punches on a business card that can get lost or damaged. When you have a reward available, our system will notify the associate and they will ask if you would like to redeem it during your purchase or save it for another day. If a reward is earned on a phone/internet order you will be contacted by a Customer Service Representative who will notify you of the number of rewards, the expiration date(s) and will ask whether you would like the rewards available to you online or in-store for your next purchase.

How many rewards can I earn in one purchase?

The possibilities are endless! You receive a $5 store credit reward for every $200 dollars spent on SmartCart™ refills . Your account keeps track of all your purchases, making sure that every dollar counts so you get to maximize your earning ability on each purchase.

Do my rewards expire?
Yes, rewards will expire 60 days from the date the reward was earned.

How do I know if I have earned a reward or when my rewards expire?

Your most recent sales receipt will display your current rewards status. It will indicate how many rewards you currently have, when they expire, and how close you are to your next reward. You can always check with a Customer Service Representative for your rewards status as well.

Complete Terms & Conditions
: In order to enroll in the rewards program, you must have a Smart Smoke ® account and provide a valid email address. Credit will automatically be applied to your Smart Smoke ® account at the time the rewards are earned. Rewards cannot be redeemed until twenty-four (24) hours after they are earned. Rewards earned In-Store may only be redeemed in person at a physical location. Rewards earned online may either be redeemed on a phone or internet order. Sale SmartCarts™ , Custom Over-Stock SmartCarts™ , and Custom SmartCarts™ are valid and earn rewards. Sales Tax, Shipping costs, and Gift Cards do not earn rewards, nor can earned rewards be redeemed for these items. An earned reward must be used in-full; it cannot be partially used. Rewards will expire in 60 days from the date earned. Item(s) returned will deduct from the threshold amount towards earning the next reward. This program may be revoked at any time as allowed by law.