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Omega™ Apple SmartCart™ Refills (2 Pack)
Omega SmartCart Refills 2 Pack - Apple

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Apple 18mg (1.8%)
Apple 24mg (2.4%)

Product Description
Technical Specifications
An Apple SmartCart™ a day will keep your nicotine and flavor fits at bay. The crisp taste will feel like you're filling up bushels at the orchard.

SmartCart™ Refills combine a disposable atomizer and refill SmartNic™ e-liquid into one piece. No refilling required; simply attach, use, and dispose of each cartridge. Each SmartCart™ is filled with 1.3mL of Smart Smoke® premium refill liquid; SmartNic™. Our proprietary blend of ingredients to bring you unsurpassed quality and flavor. Available in 2 nicotine strengths; 18mg (1.8%), and 24mg (2.4%).

Equivalent to approximately 2.5 packs of traditional cigarettes. This refill method is for use with the SmartCart™ Intro Kit. Also compatible with the SmartNic™ Intro Kit battery, Omega™ batteries, and Omni™ batteries.
Contains 2 SmartCarts™; each filled with 1.3mL of liquid. Equivalent to approximately 2.5 packs of traditional standard size cigarettes in puffs. Please dispose of all pieces properly.

Ingredients: Di-Propylene Glycol | Propylene Glycol | Vegetable Glycerin (base ingredients dependent upon flavor), Nicotine, Pure Water, Glycerol, other natural and artificial ingredients.

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